Algae and how to control it

Submitted by Samuel on Tue. 23/08/2016 - 6:41
Algae If you use algaecides, most likely you'll kill the algae, but the effects won't last long since the decaying material would serve as a food source for another algae bloom. Then you have to use more algaecide, falling into a vicious cycle. At first it doesn't make logical sense, but once you've used it for some time you'll notice this effects. I've seen koi with bad skin tumors covering up to 40% of their bodies and more often than not, their home had been treated with algaecides on a regular basis usually subject to over dosing. It's a picture painful to watch, but real. So, how can we effectively get rid of algae once and for all? The short answer, you can't. It's important to learn to live with it by keeping it under control. While pea soup or green water algae can be very efficiently eradicated completely with the use of UV lights, string algae is affected minimally using this method. UV lights can zap and kill everything that passes through them. String algae spores that live suspended in the pond water will be affected, but not the algae itself attached to the walls and underwater surfaces. They require a different approach. THE BIOLOGICAL APPROACH Algae is a form of plant that requires sunlight to survive, as well as nutrients such as phosphates and nitrates and water chemistry that is comfortable for pond fish. Interestingly enough, beneficial bacteria can use the same type of nutrients. It's known as species exclusion, and it can either be our friend or our enemy. For the sake of enjoying our ponds fully, let's make it our friends. By providing enough surface area for such beneficial bacteria, we will ensure that a few months from today our algae will be kept under control. It’s necessary to not have overcrowded conditions and to avoid over feeding. Have you ever wondered why your pond looked so algae ridden after that nice vacation you had last time? Ask your house sitter how much they fed your pond... THE ULTRASOUND APPROACH There’s a “new” technology using ultrasound. It’s a way to control algae that is environmentally friendly, cost effective and chemically free. Underwater ultrasonic sound wave generation is inaudible and safe for people, animals, fish and plants. The DB Quattro system is now available, affordable and ecological. It will get rid of algae and other harmful microorganisms, such as destructive root parasitic fungi, Fusarium and Pythium. As an added benefit, it will not allow the establishment of biofilm. Combining both methods is even better and the most efficient way of controlling algae. We use all safe and environmentally sound methods to control and get rid of algae in our ponds whether is new construction or maintenance here in Los Angeles.

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