– Pond Remodel –

DSCN0242Welcome troubled water enthusiast fellow! We're here to help you, whether you are dealing with a pond that is constantly green full of pea soup (green or planktonic algae) or string or hairy algae (filamentous algae), perhaps your pump is outdated and makes a lot of noise and not to mention you can only run it 4 hours per day due to it's expense to run it!! Is it that your pond is no longer holding water and you're afraid predators such as raccoons or herons will get your friendly fish? Don't worry anymore, we have been in business for over 10 years and have tried and tested if not all, most of the equipment out there and can tailor a solution that fits your budget. To your convenience we are experienced with concrete and liner ponds, water gardens, water features and fountains and specialize in high end koi ponds. Send us an email with a brief description and we'll be happy to assist you, don't forget to leave your phone number for expedited scheduling of our first consultation visit.