– Know the Team –

Our objective is to provide our clients with the best koi pond and water garden experience while caring for the environment.

Samuel ToscanoSamuel Toscano
Founder and CEO

His passion for fish helped him envision a company that caters to enhance the koi pond experience while serving and protecting the environment. He’s called at times the koi whisperer.
Alvaro PerezAlvaro Perez
Pond Construction and Remodel Manager

He's very versatile with his hands. His varied background, artistic eye and leadership roles are his strength when building or remodeling a pond. He can be found cooking a nice meal for friends and family or crafting a design to enhance his home.
Augusto PaizAugusto Paiz
Pond Maintenance Manager

He's great attention to detail and husbandry and his ability to innovate shows in his excellent workmanship.When he's off work he enjoys the beach and hiking in the mountains or doing mechanic work on his car.
Alex MoralesAlex Morales
Pond Construction and Remodel Technician

He's very good with tools and can really dig a hole, he's also great at trouble shooting and very easy to work with. On a regular day he is to be found working on his car, playing soccer with friends or enjoying a movie.
Devri MachadoDevri Machado

She's very keen to organization, numbers are her forte and her customer service skills are appreciated by all. Outside the office she enjoys taking road trips, going to the beach and camping with her family.